New Patient FAQ

Saint Sophie's Psychiatric Center

Fargo, North Dakota

New Patient FAQ

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How do I pay my bill online?

You can go to Use Practice ID 2274806 and follow the steps to pay your bill.

How do I get an appointment?

Call the Clinic at 701-365-4488. Please have your insurance information available.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

In many cases, we can get a new patient scheduled with one to two weeks.

What do I do in an emergency?

Saint Sophie’s is not an emergency clinic and does not take walk-ins. If there is an emergency please call 911 or go to the nearest ER.

What if I run out of medication?

Our prescribers anticipate the needs of patients medication supply until they can be seen again for their next appointment. In general, when patients are running out of medication, it’s because they missed an appointment. Therefore, it is important that you call the office to reschedule a new appointment so you don’t run out. In the event you would be running out, you may contact the office and a decision would be made whether or not to refill your medications. We will try to get you in for an appointment as soon as possible.

What kinds of services does Saint Sophie’s provide?

Saint Sophie’s provides medication management, and psychotherapy (individual, couples, family).

How long are appointments?

All initial evaluation appointments are one hour long. All psychotherapy appointments are 45 minutes long. Office visits for medication follow-ups are 20-25 minutes long.

What if I don’t have insurance?

If you do not have an active insurance and would still like to be seen, please contact our office and speak with our billing department to see how we can accommodate your needs.

What if I miss an appointments?

Saint Sophie’s does require a 24 hour notice for a cancellation. Otherwise a fee will be associated with the missed appointment that is not billed to insurance. Patients who miss 2 appointments will be considered inactive patients and will be sent a letter indicating other options for treatment.

Insurance and Payment Information:

Saint Sophie’s accepts most major insurance policies. We verify that your insurance is active and that it offers mental health coverage. We will submit requests for pre-authorizations, if necessary. However, it is your responsibility to obtain information on your co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles. Confirmation of coverage is not a guarantee of payments. All charges not covered by insurance are the responsibility of the patient.